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This website is an initiative of Ritimo - Réseau d’information et de documentation sur le développement durable et la solidarité internationale, a network of documentation centres from all over France dedicated to issues of international solidarity and sustainable development.

This is primarily a French-language website, although a small part of its contents is also available in English.

The objective of this website is to constitute an independent information platform on global water issues, based on a perspective of global justice and sustainability.

Its origin lies in the experiences and analyses which have been collected for many years by Larbi Bouguerra and the International Initiative for Water Sustainable Development network (which originated within the "Water Programme" of the Alliance for a responsible, plural and united world). This work resulted among other things in a large number of case-studies and articles available on the dph website, also managed by Ritimo. New articles and experience records have been written throughout 2008 and 2009 thanks to a new collaboration between Larbi Bouguerra, Olivier Petitjean and Ritimo. Taken together, they form the first main component of this website: around 150 reference articles on ’Water Issues’: experiences, initiatives, analyses, etc. The second main feature of this website (complemented by external tools such as delicious and twitter) is a regular round-up of water news worldwide. Finally, this website also includes a number of special issues on specific water topics.

This website is part of Coredem - Confederation of Websites for Global Democracy.

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