Living River Siam, defending the rivers of Southeast Asia

Living River Siam is a Thai Chiang Mai-based NGO dedicated to the defence of the rivers of Southeast Asia, notably the Mekong and the Salween, and of the people who depend on them for their livelihood. A task all the more important since mega-projects such as dams have been multiplying lately in the region.

Karen Rivers Watch held a prayer ceremony at the Salween River in Burma on March 14, 2007. Photo courtesy of Karen Rivers Watch. Photo sous licence CC

In the English-language part of their website, one can find information on the hotly debated projects in progress in the region and on the opposition movements and actions against them, as well as a press review. These are complemented by a photo bank and other multimedia documents.

Also check the Southeast Asia page of the global NGO "International Rivers". About the Salween dam projects, developed in the context of a civil war waged by the military government against ethnic minorities, read this interesting article from IPS News Service.

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