Water Convoy for the West Bank

, by  Olivier Petitjean

On the 7th of August, Israeli, Palestinian and international human rights organisations organised a Water Convoy to West Bank villages to protest against the disgraceful water supply provided by Israeli authorities.

Leaving Ramallah, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, the convoy headed towards 5 villages in the Ramallah district. They are home to about 15,000 people. Water does not run from the taps since mid-March. Those villagers are provided by Mekorot, the Israeli national water company, with 37 litres of water a day, delivered in jerricans. It represents only a sixth of what is delivered to illegal settlers in the West Bank.

Beyond the specific case of these villages, the action aimed to denounce the general situation of Palestinians as regards access to water, a situation that always gets worse as time goes by.

See the website of LifeSource, a collective working on water issues in Palestine: http://www.lifesource.ps (see in particular http://www.thelifesourceproject.org... on the water convoy initiative).

Photographs of the convoy by the group ActiveStills are also available on Flickr : http://www.flickr.com/photos/active....

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