Water in Southern Africa: extensive coverage by the Inter-Press Service (IPS)

, by  Olivier Petitjean

The «Southern Africa Water Wire» provides in-depth coverage of a diverse range of water-related issues in Southern Africa.

Supported by the German Cooperation Agency, the Southern Africa water Wire includes articles on themes as diverse as water governance, integrated management institutions, local initiatives and movements, social or technical innovations, as well as opinion pages, interviews, sound archives, etc. In relation to the World Water Week in Stockholm (where the issue was at the forefront), there are several recent interesting articles on transboundary river management.

A special series dating from the end of September 2009 deals with the challenges of managing the Orange-Senqu basin and with the Lesotho Highlands Water Project.

See: http://ipsnews.net/new_focus/saf_wa...

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